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here’s some new characters and a new drawing in progress


a widower and his daughters are having dinner and a housekeeper brings a dessert they all hate but are to polite to admit it


there’s not too many things in this world i can relate to more than the utter misery of being repeatedly urged to eat by an intrusive host.
the food might be good and if i am lucky not very unhealthy but somehow still i want it to be my own decision.
but alas, i’m pale and thin and not much of an eater. easy target for a certain type of people (ukranian middle aged women mainly) 🙂
but than again i get to really master all the “no thank you” thing…

p.s   just stumbled across Gareth Malone’s programm “the choir”.
the guy is awesome.


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volf bulba workshop 2013

i took yet another illustration workshop with this painter.  we’ve learned some of his preferable illustration technics. i played a little with watercolors for the first time in may be 15-16 years…    in this little study i’ve combined watercolors with printed cutouts (the petals).  u basically smudge some gouache on to a plastic/nylon sheet and then press a piece of chromo paper (very smooth paper that doesn’t absorb paint) on to it, when u separate the sheets u get interesting patterns on the paper. u let it dry and then cut out the shape u need for your illustration (a leaf, a flower, an animal, ect.) and glue it on your painting  (i think i’ve explained it horribly but you can see it all on this painting if you watch closely)

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final sketch to my last drawing

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sometimes it’s interesting to see how the raw idea evolves…

sorry about the dark images, my computer is dying and this one (my BF’s)  doesn’t even have photoshop (yet)

it’s funny how my notebook doodles look like just a bunch of chaotic strokes and how the final drawing looks different but…also the same.

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this is how it looks in my notebook

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these sketches are for the drawing on black paper (kid hiding from a monster)

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i think that’s how it’s gonna look in terms of shadows and highlights

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