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this is a better photo of the last drawing. it’s flipped ’cause that’s how it looks in reality and i forgot to flip it in photoshop. next thing i’m going to do: a simple illustration on one of my fathers poems  and then try to illustrate a children’s book.

smoke break


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i think it’s finished.
a better photo of this drawing will follow in a few days 🙂

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this is how it looks for now.  funny enough when i finished it it reminded me of  “the creation of adam” by michelangelo (yes, i had to google how it’s called). because of the hands. i don’t really know why my subconscious did that.  when i asked it about it it looked the other way and pretended to be deaf (too many “it” i know)
IMG_0357 (2)

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i try to combine color paper gouache paint and wax pastels. not sure how to do it really. going to do a full drawing like this and see how it works out.

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but i think it’s alright

next few weeks i’ll be trying to do some character designing

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so, this is how it looks for now and i have to say that in reality it looks better, i think i’ll get a normal camera and post it again in normal quality. it also looks darker, more saturated on the green side, but also somewhat less readable. i have to enhance the highlights/shadows relationship which is tricky cause dark paper sort of “swallows” (that’s the verb i’d use in hebrew) light colors. i usually start a piece having almost absolutely no idea how to do it, meaning how to actually color it, some decisions come later on, and some just don’t leaving me feeling an amateur  (which i am of cause) and an impostor. like, in this one i feel some areas work and some just scream “look! look! she is clueless!”.

something like that. 🙂

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final sketch to my last drawing

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